Ralph Maliphant Therapeutic Massage

Ralph Maliphant Dip APNT, Cert Dynamic Bodywork

Touch is the first sense to develop in human beings, and animals of all kinds respond to its nurturing and healing qualities. Therapeutic massage evolved from this realisation, and research studies have demonstrated its value on many levels. It provides a uniquely human approach to healing the whole person, triggering recuperative processes throughout the bodymind that can lead to heightened creativity, greater spontaneity, and a feeling of relaxed vitality regardless of age.

I apply dynamic bodywork approaches using forearms, elbows, knuckles and hands together with a gentle ‘listening touch’ to release strictures and assist the client towards holistic health. My training included research into 'The Somatic Counterpart of Emotional Disturbance' and I sometimes collaborate with Psychotherapists in a conjoint venture to optimise body-mind healing. 

I work with adults of all ages, including older people suffering from degenerative conditions. I am happy to discuss further through any of the forms of contact provided, or you can make an appointment by phone for treatment at a clinic in Stroud or in your own home.